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truss rod channel is too deep!

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hello everyone,

recently I started to make my first guitar - just the neck first of all. things were going fine. It was easier than I thought it would be, and thanks to all the advice on this site and forum, it was really accurate and nice. thanks guys!B)

So I did the trussrod channel. When I'd finished and popped the trussrod in to see how it fit, I realized the hole was about 4mm too deep! Stupid mistake when measuring grrr :D . So I'm in trouble. Is there anything I can do about this? can I fill the hole with something? If I rammed a piece of wood in there?

btw it's only too deep on one side of the channel I realized what I was doing and then didn't do the other side so deep. Thanks in advance.


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rout the whole thing to a constant depth so it's nice and clean, then cut a peice of wood like ebony, wenge, purple heart, anything really hard, and take your time, make sure it fits fairly snug, to the point where you ALMOST have to force it in... then put in some titebond, let set for a couple of days, then rout your truss rod again.....

so it just looks like a skunk stripe once you've contoured the back of the neck.

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