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Crappy Bass Pickup?!


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Hey there!

i have a worry about my bass pickups.


why are there only half the metal sticks :D

And should i add another eight of them and will it improve my sound? cuz right now it sounds like crap and the output is weak B)

it is a budget bassguitar, a Westone. Spectrum Series II


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yess you should, it appears someone took some of them out. usually sounds dark and thin. like that. they probally attempted to get a different sound out of it. see if it looks like there was some epoxy in there to hold them in of some sorts.

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LOL, apparently the maker tried to make P-style pickups but with the wrong bobbins.

I wouldn't advise just sticking in new pole pieces. I doubt that would work. Either the wires will be in the way of the empty holes or you will have to rewind the whole pickup if you add the pieces. If you DO add pieces and rewind the whole thing you will end up with something very different (in sound) to what you've got now.

By the looks of this bobbin it would look more like a J-type humbucker :D

It's your choice if you want the easy way out and buy something or if you like to experiment with pickup building/rewinding

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Hahaha ok someone is probably been experimenting. I guess i don't like the whole sound. I rather have another, and since it was a free guitar (got it from my uncle =] ) i can do whatever i want with it. :D i think i'll put some extra pieces there and stuff..


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