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Lace Sensor Pickups


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Here dudespot.

More Lace information than you bargained for, but you're gonna have to go after it, but these are the sources you want.

Here's the Lace Site

Lace Products

Here's the best place to buy them online

Aamps Online

Here's a link to a search engine on the FDP.

When queried, type in SMark in the 'search username' box, and you'll be in Lace Sensor heaven, Mark is the freaking cat's ass when it comes to Lace Sensors and pretty much all pkps in general. He is completely over the edge with pkp changes, he's tried every pkp known to man and machine and can give you precise comments. There are also links to his wav clips w/ lots of pkps.

You can e-mail Mark too, he loves to talk pkps, especially Lace's.

Great player and very friendly, and he even builds guitars!

Total Strat guy tho, nobody's perfect. :DB):D:D

The FDP Search Engine...Type In SMark

PS, Don Mare, who has designed a Lace Sensor design or two, is also a member of the FDP, you can try to search his username also, might come up with some good stuff.

Don is fronting a Roy Buchanan (my personal guitar GOD) sort of tribute band, they call themselves Buch Cannon and the something somethings, hehehe, so you might find Don under that too. Don works for Lace and he designed and produced the Hot Gold line and the Alumitone line, amongst others.

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