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Carbon fiber rods

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hi guys, need your help on this one,

so i've cut the channels for the CF rods on the neck, the fit looks OK (not perfect though), the question is how do i glue the rodto the neck? i'm thinking using epoxy, fill any holes on the channel with maple dust and titebond and then sand the sucker until it's all flush, what are your thoughts on this?

thanks in advance

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When I use carbon fiber rods, I cut the slot out when I'm doing the truss rod. It's important to get fairly close to the truss rod slot for carving reasons. If you don't when you go to contour the back of the neck, it won't be funny to see the carbon rods again. But to answer your question, the correct way is to epoxy them in and make sure you don't get any into your truss rod slot when doing so. You could use dust and stuff, but I don't believe it's necessary, the epoxy is stonger than the wood to begin with.

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