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Considering Binding

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Hi again, I have my Fender body sanded down to the wood, so far so good. I was thinking about the next steps that I want to take with it while sanding and one thought that I had was this;

Since I am planning to use a flamed maple veneer on the top, would it be nice to use a binding around the edges ( hope that is the correct terminology ). What do you think Does everyone think it will work well and would it be a good idea to apply my stains to the body before binding it, that way I don't have to worry about the dye bleeding into the binding material.


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If you have a router, then go for it. Practice on some scrap first.

You can't finish before you bind becuase of all the sanding/scraping/shaping necessary after the binding is attached. Lots of glue squeeze-out as well. You can tape off the Side of the binding with a good vinyl tape - but the top just stain over...it scrapes off very easily with a razor blade.

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