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what do I need to clean the grime off my fretboard

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Shouldn't even need that, Fine steel wool is usually all that you need to clean up a fretboard. Start with 00, or 000 and finish up with 0000. Any good hardware store should have it. If its really nasty hit it with some Naptha first. but be careful how you handle that....its very flamable.....but a great solvent. After all the abuse, make sure you oil the fretboard, lemon oil or another wood friendly oil.


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Actually in one of the fine books Dan Earlwinn (sp) wrote.. He uses actually his breath... That's right... hot steamy 98.7 degree breath . I ve tried it myself... It actually workes pretty good. If you exhale onto a small area... maybe two frets at a time, till it foggs up .... then wipe it with a clean cloth... Worked for me and also won't harm the fretboard.... Also he states that your saliva will actually brak down grime and sweat on the board.... it sounds gross and all.... but it does work.... I would use the Naptha or steel wool for a last resort..... And if you have a maple fretboard... steel wool may dull / remove the finish. If you are looking to just polish the frets nice and clean .... Brian did a tutorial a while back on polishing the frets using a dremel and a template for the frets. It's kind of the tool they use in drafting to erase a fine line. I think... lol... But I'm in favor of the saliva and moist breath way... that's just me..... At the most I might use the edge of a credit card to scrape away the mass of buildup... then try the salivia / breath method..... Then again it's your neck.... you can do what you like... lol


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