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Help modding this wiring?

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Heres the wiring explanation and diagram

It's "the ultimate strat version 1"that Im talking about.

I dont think it realy needs the mid range shaper, so Ill get rid of that and also instead of the dpdt I want to put in a 2 way switch.

I want this with a phase switch to put the neck and bridge in and out of phase and also seperate controls for the each pup. (3tone and 3volume)

I want to make the three volume pots push/pull pots to split the hums and/or tap the single coil.

What would the differnce be if I used different pots?

Also what switches and pots would I use for each one?

Could someone get draw up a better diagram for me preferably with the Seymuor Duncan colour codes.

Im new to guitar making and wiring so if you could explain things simply for me aswel that would help.


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