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finding the size of tuning machine holes

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ok so im doing a workover on an old epiphone sg of mine, and in order to replace the tuners i need to know what size the peg holes are, but i cant seem to find the information anywhere so is there a way i could measure them myself? im not sure how they are measured so if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

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so a peghole reamer isnt what i should use?

im looking at a 10mm peg hole for the tuners i want, so do i just find the matching drill bit and go at it? and would it be better to start in from the top of the peghead or bottom, or does it matter?

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i was just talking to a very experienced luthier who told me the best way to do it would be to buy a peghole reamer and get rough size, then go through the rest with a hand drill of the size slowly.

the tuners im putting in are schallers. i also noticed im going to need to drill a hole for the little metal nub that sticks out about a quarter inch from the tuner's shaft, would this best be done with a hand drill? i was thinking the best way to do it would be to mark the tip of it with some chalk, rough in the tuners and then drill from where the chalk mark shows me where it would line up...is there a better way to do this?

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ok sorry to double post but ive been doing some research and ive found a way that seems to be fairly simple to do this so let me go over it to make sure it sounds legit;

as opposed to spending 25 bucks on a peghole reamer i believe that a round file from home depot will get the edge of the peghole to the right size if i go slow and check the size often against my tuners. once i get it right, i will use a 25/64 drill bit in a hand drill to go about halfway through, then repeat the process on the other side. one question im finding hard to get an answer to is how would i go about clamping and placing the guitar for a sturdy drilling area, i dont have any professional setups just a table and some c-clamps, what should i do. (its an angled peghead by the way)

after that, to drill the holes for the metal guides, i found a diagram with precise measurements on stewmac. i was planning on first measuring the placement out and then chalkin the tips and double checking it that way. the diameter is .096 inch, so just use that drill bit im assuming. for depth, i was just gonna go a little, then try the fit, then go a little more, then try the fit etc till it works.

does this sound good or are there any serious flaws in my plan?


i found another explanation that said a good way to prevent damage was to turn the drill bit backwards, would this be a good idea?

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