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Artist Oils and Grain Filler

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I'm sure i read somewhere about mixing artists oils with finishes to create shaders/ colours, but does it work with grain filler?

I'm thinking in advance about finishing the wenge neck to be and filling the dark-chocolate black grain lines for an even clear finish to go on top of it.

The Grain filler i know about either comes in natural, mahogony and teak versions, none of which, i think, will be dark enough to fill the lines and look good.

I was thinking of getting some black or brown artist oils (the ones i saw today were using linseed oil as a base) and mixing it with the grain filler until it looks right.

Has anyone tried this, or has anyone a better idea?

Cheers for any help


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You want either Fresco colors or Tints-All.

I use Tints-All for what you're describing, I think evenStew-Mac sells it, but I get it from my local artists' supply store.

Tints-All dissolves ointo almost anything...oil-based fillers, water-based fillers, lacquer, shellac...easy stuff to use.

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Cheers Guys,

I'll check-out tints-all, thanks for that. It's much appreciated.

...and yes, i'm sure there will be enough scrap from the neck blank to test both coloured and clear filler - because looking last night, it doesn't look like there is much to fill...

Thanks for the sanity check...


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