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need body wood

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y'know, you need to be open-minded. A larger alder body will weigh more. A smaller ash body will weigh less. Don't base that decision on weight of the wood. There is no magic wood that will weigh exactly what you want. If balance is an issue, use lighter neck woods or a longer top horn. THINK.

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it looks as if you are way over head on this

calm down, relax, and take it slow the guitar doesent need to be finished soon, thats the beauty of it you can take as long as you want, get some reference material and sit down and read, sheck out the main site (this one), for many tutorials, and jsut soak it in, then you can start building, because diving into it this way you will surely get nowhere

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http://www.rampartguitars.com/Tonewoods.htm good site that describes different guitar woods.

http://mywebpages.comcast.net/skgs/sk/building.htm some links there, plus he makes custom wound pickups

http://www.stewmac.com is a major supplier, as is http://www.lmii.com

plus many others from links form the projectguitar main site

http://www.buildyourguitar.com an ok site, has a very usefull fret calculator and fretboard shape calculator, and some tutorials and aricles

many others just blanked out right now, maybe others will elaborate more

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" It has a smooth peak in the lower treble and does not roll-off the top octave. While it has an emphasis in the upper-bass, it has less upper bass/lower midrange energy than teak, and less top octave than Yellowheart. "

What the he11 does that mean

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