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Hi everyone, I didn't find an answer to this question anywhere so I thought that I should ask before I begin. My guitar body is Basswood, I have Flamed Maple Veneer to put on the top, The body is completely sanded (I have to say that I think that the Heatgun tutorial work perfectly). Is my next step to attach the veneer top, or should I use the grain filler and sanding sealer process on the entire body before I put the top on it? I plan on staining the entire body, including the back, I know that the basswood is not the best looking wood for stain, but it's going to be a dark cherry and I don't think that it will matter as much. I understand that it may not matter which way that I do it, I would just like some opinions, Perhaps someone has experienced some problems in the past that I can avoid! Thx


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No. You do not need to apply any finish/filler to the basswood that will be under the area that the Veneer will be attached to. If you're planning on using a grain filler on the back/sides of the guitar, I'd do it now. This will prevent any of the filler from accidently staining your maple top. I'd do the same with the dye if you're not planning on dying the top.

Once the top (and binding if you're using it) is on, shoot your sealer coat. Shellac works, but I'm not a fan. I prefer the Sanding Sealer/nitro bond. If you're using an alcohol dye, shellac will make it bleed and run.

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Just make sure to apply the dye by rubbing it on to the veneer since getting it soaked could cause it to swell and pop off the body.

Don't sweat it if that happens just whip out a sheet of aluminum foil and tack it back down using an iron, but still it can be a pain.

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