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help with body shaping

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ok my next project is going to be a wierd design shaped guitar. Now im not worried about the shape, im worried about how i will take a piece of wood with my sceth on it, and saw out the body. I dont have an electric saw or a lethe. I need help and suggestions for me. PS My dad wont let me buy an electric saw or lethe because im only 14

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do they have woodshop at your school? try asking the teacher if you can come in after school. or try and get in the class. If you have the design layed (drawn with center line, to scale, with all the details, and the wood you want to use (ie: you're organized and prepared) most shop teachers are happy to help you along.

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Some wood stores also offer "milling services" - where they will thickness wood for you, cut it, whatever. That is one option. Look in the phone book under Lumber etc.

Another option would be to call cabinet shops and see if they would cut it out for you on the bandsaw.

Make sure that you have them cut a little outside the line and sand it smooth. If they mess up for some reason by cutting too close to your line they probably aren't going to buy you a new piece of wood.


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