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ebay suggestions

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I am planning to buy all my wood out of my allowance ( I'm only 13 can't get a job it stinks).

My middle school has all the tools necessary except a router which I'll get somehow

So I am going to sell my first couple of guitars on ebay to afford my own tools

If I get my own tools I can build my own workshop in my basement

If I have my own workshop I wont have to build at school with all those sticky fingers

For my first build I need to know:

What style guitar will sell the best?(Jackson Soloist vs. LP)

Is the Floyd Rose Tremelo worth the price?

Will black hardware sell better than chrome?

Any other great selling selling info would be great!!


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I doubt you will make that much of a profit on whatever yu build unless it is good a quality as gibson guiatars or something if you think about all the costs. Wood, hardware, electronics, pups, frets etc. it all adds up.

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Chances are you will loose money by selling on eBay. People are not drawn to no name guitars and if it's your first guitar, chances are that it won't be as high of a quality as Fender, Gibson et all.

Not that I'm trying to persuade you not to build, I'm just saying that you probably won't get a profit from selling on eBay.

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To answer your first question: What style guitar will sell the best? (Jackson Soloist vs. LP)?

This really depends on what kind of music you play and how picky you are about staying in tune etc... A Les paul styled guitar is grate for blues and most of the rock on the radio because of the tone (if set up right with the right pickups etc) On the other hand, if shred is really your thing you might prefer an note churning shred machine. to be honest most if it is really down to looks as both styles of guiar can be used for anything if you are willing to work at it.

A good floyd rose with a locking nut is definately worth the price over a vintage tremolo. The guitar will actually stay in tune for most of the strings life (usually changing them at least one a season if not sooner - ie every gig or so) if you tune it properly to begin with. The slight downside is the the tone stealing capability of the tremolo, which can be easily fixed with a decent Seymour Duncan or Dimarzio pickup or two.

Chrome tends to sell better on vintage looking instruments whereas black works best for shredders. really, though, the quality of the parts on the instrument will be te selling point.

Also, don't be dilluded into thinking that if something has a Gibson or Fender badge on it it must be good. Those companies have been making basically the same instruments for years and while they do have a solid workhorse instrument for each brand, there have been advancements in technology which enable the same instruments to be made for much less than their vintage counterparts. That said, there is nothing wrong with the guuitars that these companies make, I just prefer guitars that have a great tone AND will be in tune when I pick them up.


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If this is your first guitar and you have little or no woodworking experiance I would be careful what you go for especially if funds are tight!

Try a Les Paul Junior or Tele shape, flat top, set bridge that kind of thing. Binding, Neck building and most refinishing is guarenteed to go wrong first time, so the best advice is plan real hard and don't cut of any sheets of 5A maple into pieces for your first try! Plan, measure and plan some more.

Also with ebay, the only way to make money is to be very well known with a trustworthy name or selling bits and pieces.. you would have tomanufacture a really, really, really sweet guitar to even break even never mind big profits, I mean look what you can get for your money with a standard factory guitar these days! In England you can buy Gordon Smith handmade guitars (like Gibsons, maybe better than some) for the equivilent of about $750 for a Les Paul, that is difficult to compete with!

good luck and have fun with your build, don't get discouraged but don't expect miracles!

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Um, seriously. Listen you first will be nowhere close to sale quality. Use average woods, and average hardware. IE CHEAP. Dont blow all your money on expensive wood. And I seriosly doubt that a JH shop has luthier's tools like fretting supplies for one thing.

But as a pattern, you have shown that what I just said wont stop you, and with that, dont cry to me when you screw up some nice expensive wood.

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Everyone knwons that telling someone not to do something will only make them do it... anyhoo, the best lesson is experience. The first guitar I did was a BC Rich copy made from basswood and it turned out fine (granted I did have the neck to start off with).


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