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Acoustic Top - Spruce vs Cedar

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Hi :D

Im buying a new acoustic very soon and by annoying my music shop of choice by playing their acoustics a lot, ive narrowed it down to 2 great guitars which i love for which i can get for great prices.

The Cort SJ-5X:


and a 2nd hand (but in great condition), Maton EBG808L:


To my knowledge at least the Maton in the shop has a cedar top, but regardless, is cedar really that soft that it could be considered fragile? Is spruce significantly more robust? Or are they both similarily soft?

I ask this because I am not a big acoustic player, and after selling my 2 current acoustics which im not happy with, im putting a significant amount of time, money and thought into getting a quality acoustic ill be happy with on its own for the acoustic stuff i want to do. Im careful with all my gear, and this acoustic is no exception... but I dont want to buy an acoustic thats even more easy to damage than a 'normal' acoustic becuase knowing me i dont think it would be wise B)

Thanks for all your help in advance :D

- Dan

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Oh, my apologies :D

Could a mod please move this to the appropriate section - I only visit certain sections of the forum, I guess I wasnt thinking there was an acoustic section B)


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I have both cedar and spruce tops on my two acoustics. Yes, the cedar is soft, but it works fine for a top. If you are going to bang on it it might wear more quickly than spruce. But, if you play fingerstyle or with light pick action than I wouldn't worry.

I like the sound of a cedar top also! The cedar top on my guitar has no finish on it , so it picks up little dents and pick marks if I play hard.

If you like the cedar top don't worry about the cedar's frailties and enjoy the sound.

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