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routing and cutting for string through body

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When I did mine (just a 6 string) I used double sided tape to attach the bridge in the right place. While it's on the guitar like that, it acts as a drill guide.

Remove the saddles to have clear access to the 4 attachment holes and the 7 string through holes.

If you don't use a drill press for your 7 string through holes, you can do what I did as well.

* Drill one hole all the way through.

* Drill the other 6, in your case, 90% of the way through.

* remove the bridge, flip the body over.

* use the double sided tape to put the bridge on the back of the guitar, line up the one hole you made.

* drill the remaining 10% of the string through holes.

* remove the bridge and you should have 7 nicely spaced holes all the way through the guitar body.

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It only has four holes in it but it is a 7 string bridge.

I think what you're saying is "how do I put 7 strings on a bridge that only has 4 holes...?"

Well, it has 4 mounting holes. That's what you use to screw the bridge to the body.

Then it still has 7 holes for the strings...

Installation would be as mentioned above.

Drill one hole all the way through, the other partially.

Then flip it over and finish off the job...


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