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PRS-Style Plans

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I've been reading these forums for a few weeks, I've searched for numerous phrases and scoured the search engines for it, and it has eluded me.

So I'm down to my last resort, open questioning. :D

I didn't really want to start my forum life with an obnoxious topic/post... but here I am. D'oh! :D

Where can I find plans for a PRS guitar? Free is good, at a cost is fine. I can duplicate the shape by expanding smaller images and doing measurements at GC, but I have no idea how to get the dimensions for the top carve.

I've already been to stewmac, the main site here, warmoth, etc.

Thanks for any help! B)

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The only plans they have are for a hollowbody, which I'm not planning on doing. (At least not for a first guitar!)

Can someone with access confirm/deny weather there are plans for a Custom 22 or McCarty style available in the paying members area?


Incidentally, I saw someone make reference to a tutorial they had done on carving tops, but I wasn't able to locate in the tutorial section. Is it... somewhere else?

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I've been to Guitar Building Templates before, but I was under the impression that all they gave were the outline shape.

Maybe that's my real issue, how do I measure the carves on the top a carved top guitar? I was hoping that I could find plans that would tell where exactly the curves start and stop, and give some spot depths.

Response to EDIT

Hot diggity dang, I'm DEFINETELY going to be using that diagram for measurement checking! Great looking work, too!

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The carve depths, stops, and locations are something that is difficult to get a good grasp on and give measurements for. A lot of the work is by eye, and by feel. Robert Benedetto's book on building a Archtop is extremely detailed, and even he doesnt give depth measurements, or locations.

He says "drill a series of holes at several different levels corresponding to the proposed outside arch" in other words, you decide how you want the carve to flow, etc. Generally, you have a point thats 0 depth, and at its deepest, the top will be 1/4" thick (around the edge) everything else is kinda up to you.

Check Setch's Les Paul thread in the in progress section, he does a wonderful carve job and a pretty good job of showing how he does it as well.

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I routed the cavities first. To me, it makes a difference, a big one. Once the top is carved, having a place to set your router so that it balances is difficult. If you can help it, route the pickups out first.

In situations where the top angles down towards the neck, you have to route them after you carve the top, or they wont be in the right spot.

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I know this is sort of old but did anyone ever find out the thickness measurements for a PRS body (McCarty solid style), i.e., maple starting thickness, "binding" edge thickness, and back thickness..... Anyone have any info on that? I've got my template all ready to go, just need to know what thickness of woods to buy...........

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