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using actives as passives?

Dr. Jabsco

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Hey, I just bought a pair of EMG jazz pickups for a bass im building (off of alloyguitar B)) and my question is, will I have to get a pre amp and all that whoodoo for it, or can i just run it passive?

bassically, what do i need to make this sound good? im pritty new to electronics.


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You can't use active pickups as passives as far as I know. They're different. They have a built in preamp (which means you don't have to get one), but need a battery to work. But I dunno. Wait for Lovekraft or ansil, or someone with electrickery knoehow

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ok thanks, so all i need to do is hook up a battery to it?

yes...follow the diagram though and change out the tone and volume pots with the ones provided with the pickup...they are high quality,different values,and come free with the pickups

don't just wire it in to your passive electronics...it is a different game altogether,so to speak

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umm, well thats kind of a problem. Because it dosnt come with any pots or a diagram. Im getting them used, and they were bought in bulk and resold (to me).

they were fairly enexpensive tho.

should I special order active pots, would stewmac have them, or sould i give the nice people at EMG a ring.

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