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Where can I find the color for Atlanric Blue Metal

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I am looking for that dark blue metallic with a matte finish as shown in the link below.

Anybody know where I could find that? I found something similar in an auto parts store (Dupli-Color acrylic lacquer if I remember correctly) but I am concerned about finding the matching clear coat in satin and by the gallon instead of spray can.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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If you find a good color with Dupli-Color, note the name of it, like if it says "GMC/Chevrolet Dark Blue", and take that to a place that sells auto paint and you should be able to find the same paint but in gallons and pints. Or they also have books with color samples that you can look through, which will probably be more accurate. They should also have the right clear for you, although satin can be hard to find sometimes, it's not a real common finish.

If all else fails there's always House of Kolor. :D

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