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I'm guessing that i cant do this

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I would like to keep my original paint on my old Ibanex GAX 70, i love the black but i wanted to add on some of my own design/decals.

Im guessing I can't just sand off the finish, do my artwork ontop of the black paint, and spray on new laquer?

If that is a no go, then would this be right judging from the posts/threads/tutorials I've read?

Sand off the existing laquer

prime it


laquer it up

With sanding inbetween coats of the laquer?

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Welcome to the forum Shaded :D

You could get away with hitting the areas you want to refinish with some 800 grit just to dull the top coat then apply your graphics and stickers and clear coat over them. It would save a whole lot of time and effort plus that black will shine back up with the new clear on top.

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Thank you for the welcome :D

I may have misled you on accident with the decal remark, I would be airbrushing them on. They aren't stickers or anything. Would what you suggested still work?

Also, when I clear coat the areas should i also clear coat the rest of the guitar as well to even it out?

And sorry for one more question, but when I paint the guitar I would have to take out the pickups/bridge/neck/etc. correct?

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Airbrushing will work fine, just go over the whole thing with a Scotchbrite pad first to take down all the shine. Sanding before that's not a bad idea either. Scotchbrite just tends to scuff evenly and it makes sure you don't have any little ridges that sandpaper might've missed, microscopic as they may be, and pretty much guarantees that the finish will stick permanantly.

And yes you should clear the whole thing to even it out and get a nicer shine.

You should take the guitar apart. You could get away with just taking the strings off and masking everything, but in the end it will actually save you a lot more time and trouble to take it apart. Just remember to make good diagrams of the wiring and, like I do, also snap a few digital pictures just in case.

Have fun and good luck.

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I'm almost sure that guitar has a poly finish. I too would go with the 800 first and smooth it out with the Scotchbrite pad. Do your graphics. If you use a spraycan lacquer, it won't hold up well, lacquer is thin, and even if you build coats, it will wear. If you want a factory type poly finish but don't have the spray gear, take it to a auto paint shop or custom bike, airbrush shop and get a price for them to clear it. It will preserve your art. All those killer kustom show bikes and cars have several thousand dollar graphics and paint, you won't find lacquer clears on them...only poly, and not the rattle can poly either.

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I do have access to spray gear so I can do it myself, the only problem is i dont know exactly what to clear it with. Does anyone have an online link to a good product? I would most likely buy it in person but I am probably the biggest aspiring custom painter there is so I'm completely in the dark here.

As well as the clear coat, does anyone have links or specific examples of paint that they have used and works well?

And why not, how about the tape or whatever to mask over the things I dont want painted?

Please excuse me being a moron.

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I like using acrylic lacquer for my paint jobs under a poly clear. It's getting hard to find as laquer is old tech. A lot of kustom painters are using Auto Air waterbased colors and shoot a poly clear over that. I have yet to try it, I got a lot of tech info from them, my friend who is a pro airbrush artist loves the stuff...insane colors, pearls and flakes too. Here's one users link, Goggle to find a lot more info.


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not to sound like a jerk, but most of the answers to your questions have been answered many times in this forum, a quick search would have found you many answers regarding types of paint and using them.





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