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scale length of neck

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Ok, I know that half the scale length is from nut to 12th fret. My question is, is it measured to the center of the 12th fret? bridge-side 12th fret bar?, nut-side 12th fret bar? Also, am I safe to guess that measuring the other way would be from the front of the saddles? Hope you can understand my question...thanks a bunch!

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Wow, total newbs giving wrong advice again....

The scale length is twice the distance from the inside of the nut, to the centre on the fret (eg: fret slot). The saddle position is irrelevant, and cannot be used EVER to find the exact scale length. Why?? because the saddles are located to perfect intonation (well, as best as possible) taking nito consideration factors such as string action, string diameter, and finished tuning pitch.

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