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TOM & Tailpiece ground


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I'm getting conflicting stories from all over the place. When grounding the bridge, do I need to run a ground from the TOM and run a wire from the tailpiece? OR... Do I just need to run a wire from one? the left side of my brain keeps telling the right side that I would be creating a ground loop if I did both. Please help!


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i think only 1, since the strings connect them one should be grounded by the other....If you can ground strings by grounding the tom, then i guess the strings touching the tailpiece would ground that as well.

But im not an expert, Im just speculating

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Yup...you're right....grounding both would be redundant...and you ground the bridge to ground the strings anyway...either one will work...basically anything metal that touches the strings....you could ground the nut or a tuner if it was convenient and it would have the same effect

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