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Hardtail Tune-o-matic

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I'm thinking about my bridge options on my up-and-coming guitar. I think I've decided on the hard-tail tune-o-matic idea that Schecter uses. I dig the sound and resonance of a hard-tail as well as the tune-o-matic. My questions are these:

1. has anyone seen any particular tonal disadvantages of this setup and

2. Does anybody have mesurements/specs fot the sort-of staggered stringing pattern?

Any other input (or questions) about this guitar idea would be great. So far it's going to be a carve-top guitar (my design). It'll be a black limba body and a one-piece black limba top. Maple neck. Pau Ferro fratobard. A coupe of humbuckers. Here's a rough template of my design


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About the design: Every time I see an Iceman, I always think that they should have incorporated that little nub on the back onto some other guitars. Kudos for implementing that, I would very much like to see the finished product.

For the stringing, are you referring to the way that the strings go through the body at different distances from the bridge? I'm not sure how (if?) the distances affect the tone, but if it did I would like to see someone who knows the physics of the guitar explain that.

this is what I think you're talking about... like on this one?

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Yeah. Like a Schecter. Just like the pic that slippery sent. It also looks like the holes are ferruled on each side of the body (back and top). I'll figure out how to do that. But yes. I'd like the pattern of the string-thru-body holes. Thanks for the help. I'll DEFiNATELY be posting photos of the finished product. Thanks again, lads!

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