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AHH! Broken Neck!

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How bad is it broken? I ended up fixing a crack on a friends guitar recently, it wasn't easy, but was worth the effort. Brian has a great tutorial (check the main site's tutorials) on how to do this if your interested. You basically have no room to insert enough glue in a small crack to hold for any length of time, so your probably gonna have to do what I did.


You can see the crack is small but needs to be fixed since the guitar won't stay in tune and buzzes all over now. You can heat it up with iron and damp cloth to get the fretboard loose like below.



You'll have to take the truss rod nut completely off though so the headstock can come off easier.


I even got the chance to measure the width of their truss rod.


Also noticed that they used foam behind their truss rods to keep the rattle down.


Then just align it back up and glue it with some good Titebond glue and clamps. Read Brains tutorial it's great...

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Ill post some pics tomorrow.. i talked with the primo guitar guru in Israel and he said hell take a look at it. he said that if he cant glue it ill need to replace- but he cant get an original ibanez- i said "as long as its good quality, i dont care" since theres hardly anything original left in this guitar as it is- new pups, new paint job- its slowly becoming a custom instrument.

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