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Paxolin For Making Pickup Bobbins


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Hi, I'm looking for something like Forbon in Australia to make pickup bobbin flanges out of. Want something that wont warp easily and doesnt look cheap and crappy. Want pickup to look like a factory made item.

A guy recommended Paxolin, which I know nothing about. Apparently its used in transformer manufacturing and I believe hobby boomerang makers use it. Thats all we know about it.

Does anyone here know what it is, whether it would be suitable for flatwork and where could I buy some in Australia.

If you know of something better ..obtainable in Australia please let me know :D

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I'd try over at www.ampge.com

They could probably tell you as they all build pups. You can even buy the bobbins and all the magnets etc if you want.

Good luck dude. Hope you've checked out the winding thread in the reference section of the forum :D

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