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computer time very limited


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hey everyone i dont' have regular email access and can't get library in cleveland until i get some proof of address so i will reply as i can i haven't forgotten anyone. just letting you kone

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can you not just build a computer out of three resistors . a washing up liquid bottle and some sticky back plastic? :D

i would have one right now thats too funny though but paypal freaked up my account swo i lost stuff that was already paid for so i am having to do a part time money making job to get some cash up.. i had a doulbe charge on my debit card.

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miniamps the mini beasts i know the one on the left has a sunken tube originall we used industrial epoxy to hold the tube sockets so now we are suusing the ones with nuts and bolts.

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actually i have a guy who is taking ebay orders for them he is handling all my business so if you like email me and i can give you his contact info. as we are putting in a parts order to get a batch made up onanother note heres a few more pics




a few uploaded pics that i thought i would share



i forgot to add that the black and orange one is my idea. since its like a fender orange plexi i thought it was a fitting paint job. if i had some purple it wouldhave been good too.

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