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headless w/ TOM

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Don't see why not! The only issues I could see arising are:

1. If the strings don't pass straight across the saddles, you might be facing some issues. This might limit design possibilities, but it is still doable.

2. The tuners would have to have a special cavity routed in from the back so the wood is thin enough for the tuners. Again, tricky but doable.

3. With these previous considerations in mind, would you still have room to turn the knobs?

I can see this working beautifully on a Warlock or a V, but I have trouble picturing the logistics on a strat-type guitar (no bridge end cutaways) without the tuning knobs hitting the wood and the strings coming straight over the saddles as well.

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I have seen design where the tuners were "fanned" out, with the proper spacing.

The strings went straight back from the bridge, to a row of "posts" that allowed the strings direction to be altered, while maintaining the straight pull over the saddle....

Absolutely do-able.


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Some setup with a bar or ferrules or something and a zero fret might work, just like steinberger uses.

I'd think the "easiest" conversion of a normal neck would be to use the existing nut and add the ferrules. Using a steinberger-like setup would be pretty slick but would be much more complex (I'd think.) Langley Guitars and Reith Guitars both offer Steinberger headpieces if that's the way you'd want to go.

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