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Is this a good wood combo?

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I am planing out a semihollow guitar very similar in construction to Mykas recent one. I have a mahogany body that will be routed out but before I jump in I want to ensure that I have all my parts on hand. I am still looking for wood for the top. I plan on doing a slight carve. As so I want to put a 1/2" top on in order to give myself enough room for error (this will be my first carve). I have been looking for maple (predominantly on ebay) but I havent been able to find a suitable piece. Since I plan on a solod color finish I really dont care about figure. I have however found a tone more mahogany that I can have resawn to give me the desired dimensions. My question is if an all mahogony guitar is gonna sound like crap. I know this is a realitive question but reall, is it a bad idea? Any suggestions on what/where to look for a suitable top material?

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Litch, I could have swore that wasnt there the last time I checked your auctions :D Maybe I just read it wrong. As far as I know that would work. Seems to meet the requirements;

1/2" thick



I will just need to check my measurements, but yeah that should work. My lower bout is 14" and I cant imagine that the length is over 19" Is it ready to be glued? Still offer a Projectguitar discount B)

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