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Schematic Needed please


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Would anyone be kind enough to draw up a schematic for this setup

H-H, 2 volume DPDT push/pulls, 2 tone DPDT push/pulls, 2 on-on-on mini switches

Volume push/pulls acting as on/off switches for each pickup

Tone push/pull 1 series/parallel for both pups on as humbuckers

Tone push/pull 2 phase reversal for both pups as buckers

Mini-switches function as NorthCoils-Humbucker-SouthCoil selector


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I think it would serve you best to wrestle with this yourself, and have us review what you came up with. I've learned that just following a schematic doesn't teach you anything...and you'll want to know what's going on. Studying other schematics and tweeking them to be your own will alwasy result in that "Eureka!" moment, when it all makes sense.

So check out guitarelectronics.com and look at their various diagrams (they have a page just for hb options!) Post what you come up with and it will be a much better use of your time.

On a seperate note...you're trying to pack a bunch into that guitar...You can make it work, but functionally, I'd swap the coil split function and the on/off. You probably change pickups more then tap coils..thus the mini switch would be better here. You may want to just use a normal guitar switch, becuase you need to take it out of the circuit when in series..

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