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so i was checking this out and...

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i decided on my guitar finally. its going to be a parker deluxe. after playing 3 of them. the mojo/deluxe/mahogany fly. there really wasn't a difference between the 3 of them besidfes in featurs.i liked the finish on the mojo fly. its got a cool transparent stain sunburst thing going on. and the hype about the dimarzios is just hype. they're not that bad. but they were a little thin so i did some research and i found that ed roman does replace the parkers pickups with dimarzios custom black back pickups. now i did some research on these enigmatic 279 dollar pickups. and i found this disturbing inquiry at harmony central. http://www.harmony-central.com/Guitar/Data...ck-Back-01.html

to be honest, i like the jb. it is a fairly dynamic pickup.

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