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My Shop (for those interested)


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I was doing a little cleaning today and decided to take some pics. Sorry about the quality, something was weird with the light.

First a simple overview.


Here's my pegboard, although it is quite large, you can see it's VERY full.


Here's the main work space, I do all the finish sanding, gluing, inlaying, etc. here.

You can see the clamping device I built. It's great for clamping 2 piece bodies, and works really well for holding pieces in place while you work on them. (In it right now is the archtop top that i was chiseling away at and am now sanding to shape)


Here's a pic of where I put all the woods for the projects I am working on. I shoulda been smart enough to move the big mahogany boards in the foreground. (I'll get 4 necks out of em)

If there's any questions about what you see here, I'll be happy to indulge.


Now my bandsaw.


And lastly my power tool station. This is very nice and took awhile to build. The blue tarp helps to keep most of the dust under control. In here I do routing, Drilling with the drill press, planing, and belt sanding (the belt sander is blocked by part of the picture). I installed a worklight onto a 6 plug power strip so all i have to do is flip the switch and the light comes on. Very bright, makes things easy to see. (I'm going to have to put one of these over the main work table too!)

One of the plugs on the strip connects to an extension cord that leads outside the covered area. This powers my dremel & pad sander for the main table, and also powers the bandsaw when I'm using it.


EDIT: Forgot this- Note the bucket in the hole under the power station, i can sweep all the extra shavings/dust into this when im done. Also note the bucket of woods, these are scraps that I think might come in handy, though most of it gets thrown away.

As always, any questions or comments are quite welcome!

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pretty cool, do you have some kind of huge dust collection nozzle in the tarp area? you should consider that if you went thru all the trouble of building it.., i mean it basicly looks like a down draft table with a hood over it...... and minus the down draft part :D lol

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If you wanna have less dust than with the hood feed a shop vac hose through the back of hooded area and turn it on while routing. This will suck in the dust as well as creating a current imn the direction of the vacume so that any lose paticles under the hood (or near it) will be draw into the vacuum and not into the room.

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my shop is a one of those tables with clamps, 2 regular staright saws, hand drill and sand paper all in a filthy unfinished basement full of renovation wood.

is there any cheap way i could cut out a strat style body shape out of a piece of wood without spending too much money? a

and for truss rod routing, any way of doing it without a router?

could i do it with one of those press drills?

how much for press dril and bandsaw?

thanks alot! :D

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