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some noob routing questions

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so im close to the routing part of my project and i have a few questions.

first, i was concerned... i have a bunch of books all of which give depths etc of the routing pockets.... but should i just rout them to the shape of the pickup im using...? i dont know which shape to rout or how big to make it.

second, im pretty sure on this one but there is no routing needed for a non-trem bridge right? the bridge mounts directly on the body.

third, if one and 2 are correct, than if i am using a tele bridge (pickup frame contained) do i just need to rout within that built in frame? if not, what should id o?

thanks in advnace.

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your first question is kinda fuzzy..... you have to rout the correct depth for a pickup... a good rule of thumb is it has to be at least deep as the pickup. Of course the shape of the rout would be the shape of the pickup + 1/16" (at least) space around the edge of that shape.

no, no need to rout for most fixed bridges, unless you're recessing it into the guitar for alginment (action) purposes

again the proper routing for a tele bridge pickup is just the shape of the pickup's baseplate + a space around that for play, check Drak's tele pics to see what i mean. You don't want a parking garage under the bridge just cause it covers a fair amount of space compared to other bridges :D

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You should find the center line of the scale i.e. the centre of the nut, the 12th and the last fret then draw a line between them, htis should be the center of all the pups and bridge.

Think Im right but not sure, I havent built a guitar yet so you would be better off waiting for someone more expirienced than me to answer.

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