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Suggestions for Easy Schematics


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Most of it is the footswitch circuit - for instance, in the SD-1, the footswitch includes two transistors, two JFETs, four diodes and a dozen or so resistors and caps. The SD-1 also has a transistor buffer on both the input and the output, which accounts for more extra circuitry. Take a look at the schematic

SD-1 Schematic (courtesy of Fuzz Central)

The actual distortion circuit in the above is between the junction of R3/C2 and the wiper (middle lug) of the 10K "level" pot - everything else, except the power supply splitter (R18, R19, C11 and C17), is not necessary, but makes the circuit perform reliably and makes it switchable without an expensive DPDT switch. If you take just this portion of the circuit and wire it to a DPDT switch for bypass, you'll have a complete distortion unit, similar to the opamp version of EH's Muff Fuzz. Add the transistor buffers back in, and you've got something very similar to the Tube Screamer:

Tube Screamer - Ibanez TS808 (courtesy of Fuzz Central)

Read RG's article on it for more info;

Technology of the Tube Screamer

For extra credit, find, compare and contrast the schematics of the MXR Distortion +, DOD Overdrive 250, Dan Armstrong Blue Clipper and the DOD YJM308 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Distortion. :D

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