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Hod Rod installation

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I think I've got this figured out, but I'm not sure, yet. I'm making a fender style neck. I should rout a pass at the depth of the top half of the rod, and it should go past the end of the neck and into the headstock. Then rout a second pass that's the full depth of the rod but stops at the end of the brass piece. I think I'm right on this, but before I start routing I wanna know for sure.

Also, since I'm already making a new thread, I have a question on fret slotting. I got the gauged .025" saw from stewmac (I think it's for roughing in nuts), and the fretwire won't stay in the slot. It doesn't wiggle sideways, though. Can I use this saw to cut the slots on my guitar, but just use the glue in method? I don't see how it would mess with much. Thanks in advance,


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In case you haven't seen it yet, I explain the process of installing a hot rod truss in a standard one piece Fender style neck in the Making Of A Strat Pictorial that's in progress.

The slot was cut that would leave a little bit of wood at the end of the neck, to around nut area, but that's all.


Then you drill out a truss rod access hole.


Then you should end up with this.


As far as fretting using glue, I've seen alot of people do that, some don't think it a good practice, while others think it's the only way to go. I'm with whatever works to make for a great fretjob, but it would be better to get a .024" saw and then their fretwire would hold good with or without glue. If your gonna glue, with a wider slot, just get a radius caul of the right fretborad radius your working with, and use it to clamp down the frets while the glue dries.

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