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ok, after reading the making of astrat pictorial, i am SO much clearer on fitting a hot rod truss rod. i just have one question that i couldnt quite dig out of the pictorial.

so, you route a slot for the struss rod all the way down the neck. when you fit the truss rod, you use silicone to hold it in place (like the instructions say that come with it). i have a fender type hot rod, with the fender adjustment. would i fit this adjustmen "screw" so that you adjust from the nut, the body or it doesnt matter. also, fitting a trust rod li ke this doesnt require a "skunk stripe" on the back of the neck right?.

thanks in advance, and i know you answer a billion questions like this a day, im sorry.

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sorry to tripple post, but in the picture below, i drew a straight truss rod channel down the center of my neck, 7/32's of an inch wide, as the instructions suggest. if i route that out, to 7/16ths deep, and fit the truss rod in will that suffice?

EDIT: itd help if i posted the picture:


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