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measuring bridge post distance

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Hi all,

Well, I'm at the point where I need to do the bridge routing and I'm using the Stew Mac template for my new Gotoh/Wilkinson bridge. The instructions say to measure a distance of 25.25 in from the nut to the bridge posts. Is this an accurate way to assure that a final scale length of 25.5 to the bride saddles will be achieved? How do you experienced builders measure the distance to the bridge posts? Also, what exactly to you use to measure the distance, i.e. a straight edge, tape measure, pre-cut string? Thanks in advance for your sage advice!

Best Regards,


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Yes this is an accurate way, the 25.25 measurement is to the bridge posts which are roughly 0.2" away from the saddles and giving you 0.05" room of play to adjust the intonation.

A regular aluminium meter stick will be find for this measurment, although it's always best to measure with several different devices just to make sure. And be sure to measure on the fretboard side of the nut slot to the center of the post holes, like so


unless the instructions say otherwise

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I'm sure the instructions are correct, but I always take a visual of the bridge, and decide where I'd like the saddles to sit. Especially on a tremolo. The farther back the saddles are, the greater the pitch change per degree of movement. Plus there's cosmetic implications. For example I don't like the way a Wilkinson looks if the saddles are extended way off the back of it. So I always measure from the high E side (since that is the string that requires the least, if any, compensation) to the nut, with the high E saddle placed where I want it. Then I mark the stud location from there.

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