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Alright dudes,

I'm intending to order all the bits to make my pups but in my list I'm sure that I've missed something out. I son't know if I have, but you know when you convince yourself of something :D

It looks like I will have to order all the bits from Ampge, in fact I've posted this question over there but noone has replyed and it's been 3 days.

Can someone list ALL the parts that I'm going to have to buy. I'll be ordering from the US and I live in te UK so I only want to have to place 1 order.

Cheeers dudes.

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Yup I've got all them but I still think somehings missing. You missed base plates btw :D

I'm going to be making 2 HB's in a Gibson style. I was going to do P90's but they're butt ugly. One will be coil tapped and the other will be parallel/series. Then I've got to rewind some old pups that I've got. 1HB and 2SC's. And then I got drunk and told my bro that I'd do a HB for his bass and rewind his cheap ones.

Good job I've asked for a quote of 16km of wire B)

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