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problem - fret accuracy

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ok well ive just drawn out the fret positios on the fingerboard. i got the dimentions form a fret calculator thing and so id expect them to be fairly accurate.

BUT i combared it with my strat (they are both the same scale length) and the frets star to go out from about the 8th and are up to 1-1.9mm out or shorter that what my squier strat has.

will this make a difference and what could be wrong? im pretty sure i havn't made a mistake in the marking and measuements.


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my squire strat had a slightly shorter scale then the actual 25.5" scale aswell, i think there's actually 2 versions of that scale, the 25.4", and 25.511". Therefore my theory is that some of the squire strats fingerboards where cut on the 25.4 scale, it would seem to fit the facts. I later replaced this fingerboard with a 25.511 scale board and had no problems on the guitar.

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