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Pickguard materials

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I'm bumping this up after searching the site and still not finding what I'm looking for. litchfield is right, $10 for white or black pickguard material is reasonable but white pearloid is nuts at $39, it would be cheaper to just buy the precut guard cause I don't think it's big enough to make two of them. I see warmoth is a bit better in pricing but smaller sheets so I think it works out about the same.

In my case I want to cut my own for a couple reasons, one of to bring the cost down a bit. The other is I want three strat guards but eliminate the volume knob hole and put the volume in place of the first tone, making a single volume, single tone config. The strat volume knob location has always driven me nuts because I'm constantly turning the volume down on accident while playing.

Anyone found sources for pearloid guard material that isn't so insanely priced?

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What about that fake pearl stuff that was for sale in camcool's (now locked) acrylic sheets thread?

Didn't see that goings on. :D

It's getting closer but marbled they have doesn't look quite pearl and is pretty thick (1/8").

They have some pretty nifty Scroll Sanders though, I'm bookmarkin that one.

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1/8" would work for a matte pearl.

Ya but it's pretty thick 1/8" is .125 and I'd like to stick to more of a normalish 3 ply .080 'ish.

Also, if you see the pics there, the 'marble' doesn't have much figure in it and wouldn't really look all that pearlish. B)

Somethings gotta be out there somewhere. :D

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