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String through vs fixed bridge

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I have an old style Tele bridge, which would allow the string to be mounted on it, without the need for through body stringing.

I'd originally planned to have through body stringing. Without a drill press, only an electric hand drill, i'm slightly worried about either not aligning the holes correctly, or damaging whats otherwise a nice piece of wood.

So, is it worth the risk? And whats the 'best' way to go about it?

Is there an optimal positioning of the holes in relation to the bridge, a 'best' angle?

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I prefer through the body strings for better tone, I don't know about the science of which is better. Just my opinion.

I have drilled the through holes with a hand drill just fine. I have been quite lucky to have the holes line up. Making sure you have a good 90 degree (from all angles) start.

It can help to have a few friends to make sure you are holding the drill straight.

Or find a shop with a drill press and pay someone to drill it for you. It can't cost much.

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