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Swamp Ash and Regular Ash

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Actually they do. The grain is pretty similar, and the best "swamp ash" is from down around the base of the tree where it's soaking all the time. That makes the pores a little more swollen and makes a lighter, more airy and snappy sounding guitar. You can have two blanks from the same tree and they'll be different as night and day. If you're looking at it in person, just pick it up. There's a huge weight difference. But if you're looking at a photo, hard ash can be more yellowish compared to the creamy peach tones of Swamp Ash. Those are broad generalizations. The biggest giveaway, even if I'm looking at a photo of a sunbursted guitar, is the size of the pores. Its a pretty small difference but I can make an educated guess based on the size of the "holes" overall.

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Go with swamp ash! 100%

I built my first guitar out of solid ash. It came out nice, but man is it heavy! You have to put it down after a couple of songs and rest your shoulder.

Swamp Ash to me sounds better and is also lighter. I consider myself to be lucky enough to live in an area that it's easy to get. But even with the wood we have there is differences in the weight from one piece to the next. So you have to be very selective in what you choose to work with. I like light guitars myself. Basswood is also a favorite for that reason.. :D

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