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Lace Sensor Pickups


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I am building a guitar and would like to know if this is a good combination.

lace sensor red - bridge

lace power sensor - mid

lace sensor light blue - neck

will there be any conflicts with the pickups, and what do you think about this combo? any other ideas for alternate pickups and such?


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Courtesy of AGI-Lace


I don't see a "lace power sensor" listed - nor could I find a "lace power sensor" using the Lace pickup pages search feature (seriously, try it yourself). It's impossible to answer a question if you don't make it clear, and being bitchy when you don't get a quick reply is not gonna get you anywhere. If you'd like to try again, identify the pickups by the names Lace uses for them, and maybe someone can help, or use the chart above to make your own decision. And switch to decaf. :D

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Well, Lace doesn't list it, but the specs on the auction look virtually identical to the Hot Gold. It's going to be bright compared to the Red and the Light Blue, so it ought to give you a good "quack" in positons 2 and 4. It'll definitely be hotter than a stock Strat, but it should be a good blend - my favorite of the setups I've played was a Gold-Gold-Blue, but that was some time ago, and I've never heard the PowerSensor or the Hot Gold, so I can't tell you anything about them. I wasn't a big fan of the Reds, but my idea of great Strat tone is more David Gilmour than Stevie Ray, so you might feel the opposite. I'm certainly no expert, so maybe somebody with more experience with Laces will chime in.

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