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I need some quartersawn goncalo alves crotch wood

I needs to be atleast 1" thick so I can bookmatch it and still have enough wood for a carved top

pleez I've checked everywhere and the closest I've found was figured

flamed goncalo alves :DB)

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Camcool, ... firstly, do you even have to means to bookmatch wood? it may be better if you buy a regular top already bookmatched. And it may be even better if its not goncalo alves, because you could end up totoally ruining a beutiful peice of wood on your first build. that **** is really expensive, I doubt you are even serious about buying it.

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Litchfield how much for the pau ferro

I can buy enough at local lumberyard for 30 bucks

And Dr.Jabsco I have a 15 inch bandsaw at my school and a great teacher with lots of experience that could help me

Another question:

Anyone got some seymor duncan pickups for sale?


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sorry I need enough for a fingerboard

And I'm having a crotch or curly goncalo alves carved top

I know where to find curly does anyone know where I can find goncalo alves crotchwood

enough for a carved top ( 2" - ?" )

I need enough for a soloist style body

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