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Floyd Rose whammy.... where??

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Im looking for a geniune floyd rose supplier, and obviously i want the cheapest price. Ive found two that sell the entire kit (including locking nut):

Ed Roman: $139 (as the basis to compare prices)

VH Guitar Store: $139 (because ive seen them support this forum)

Neither will answer my emails, so its a bit hard to place an order with them. :D

Im looking to buy a minimum of twelve over the next 12 months, one a month. If things go to plan, i'll most likely need two a month though.

Maybe they dont want the troubles of sending floyd roses to Australia??

Can anyone suggest a place online that will do cheap prices, AND answer their emails??

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Several reputable dealers to get them from, but NOT ED ROMAN, EVER!

The fellow at vh-guitarstore responded to my emails the very next day, I was asking if he could sell me just the bridge (no springs, nut, etc) and he said he couldn't , but he had a used black FR he could sell for $75.. But I've decided to go with an Edge. He seemed like a nice enough guy.

But a slightly more known quantity:

Warmoth, they sell a Schaller variant and the normal version

Musiciansfriend - bleh... kind of over priced I tink

Stew-mac - they sell the Schaller version at warmoth for a $30 markup

I would go for Warmoth or VH-Guitarstore myself... Allparts and wdmusic sell FR's but at hideous price points, and from my research VH-Guitarstore is the cheapest, and Warmoth is the cheapest bigger dealer.

Also of note, the Warmoth OFR has a 37 mm block, while the MF, and Schaller at warmoth have a 43mm block. For Ibanezes the 43mm block is just too big... Be sure you know how big your block can be! :D

And there's always ebay...

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Thanks, ive checked out all those sources previously.

As for price, there is no use trying to get the cheapest price if the company wont respond.

Ive even tried getting an account from the distributor here in Australia, but it is still more expensive (wholesale price is 50% more than buying retail from the USA!).

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I'd go with the Floyd Rose PRO over a regular Edge. Less contact with your palm. I guess it depends on how you play, but I noticed when I had an Edge briefly that I was really spoiled by Edge LoPro and Floyd Rose PRO trems.

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