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problem with my samick.

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i think maybe i know the answer, if its the same problem i have with my crappy LP copy. when you turn the knobs to the max, you can turn it further, thus moving the pot, if this is the problem, the wood they used wasn't perfectly dry when they put in the pots, so it is expanding and contracting as the humidity and temperature changes.

by the way is this the right usage of the word thus? I am from Norway and english is my second language...

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yep, spot on killah!

the pot will be slipping and hitting the other pot, and moving it. take the knob off and tighten the nut holding it on, these come loose at times, it happened exactly the same on my old samick. its on the scratchplate so wood changes wouldnt do it, its usually due to turning the pot too much and loosening the nut.


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