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Has anyone used the Badger Sprayers?

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I am looking to purchase a Spray Kit to apply my finish, I went to www.stew-mac.com and they have two of the smaller, cheaper units, they are the Badger 150 and Badger 400 kits. I have talked with some friends and they told me that the Badgers weren't that good in the past but they may have improved them since they used them last, Has anyone used them and have an oppinion on their performance, perhaps there is a better one available that I don't know about. PLMK

Thx, Shibs

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Yeah, they're both great guns.

I still use my 150, had it for years.

The 400 is overpriced compared to what else you can get out there except for one thing:

It is adaptable to different tips.

That's a great thing -if- you actually buy the different tips and learn to use them and don't mind breaking the gun down to change tips in and out, that's a pain to me.

I wound up just getting two different guns that came with different sized tips and I'm happier that way. I had a 400 but ruined it using catalyzed lacquer thru it, it lasted quite awhile, but the cat finally got the best of the badger.


There's nothing whatsoever wrong with either one, they're both great and will do guitars all day long for you.

Just a bit overpriced is all. :D

If you're going to pay the price for these guns, then -by all means-, also buy the 2-part video series 'Spray Finishing Basics', and 'Spray Finishing with Colors'.

I think they should make everyone buying these types of guns for the first time buy those videos with them, almost a pre-requisite. If you don't know how to use the guns, you'll spend a LOT of time learning. The videos will cut your learn time WAY down and teach you what you can do with them.

Money well spent. :D

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Great, thanks for the advice. I will take it to heart. I have found another site that will save me about $20.00 on the Badger 150 Kit (they want $99.00 for the same kit), but Stew-Mac has everything else that I need, so I may just pay the price in order to get it all in one shipping. Anyway that I do it... I will get lots of use out of it, so it is worth the money! Thanks again


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