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anyone successfully do a floyd conversion?

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I've only seen a badly botched one! But it's not all that difficult to do, like most anything else, if you have the right tools. In my experience any time anyone seriously f's up is because they try to improvise. Of course that's just been my experience. So use a drill press and a router and go slowly, and measure 3 times and then measure again and it really shouldn't be too big of a deal. Aside from having to repaint it anyway.

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I've done one of those improvised jobs... :D very painful experience...

but having done that, I'm more concerned about whether or not the holes for the posts will come too close to the bridge pickup rout with an SSS-routed body (I managed to get way too close because I didn't measure that 4th time). mainly a "will it hold up to 10+ years of use?" kind of thing

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