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i want to build a semi hallow

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tons of different ways, you can buy a cheap core and hollow out the inards and add a cap, or you can take two pieces and gut them out. Like I did on my last guitar...

Or you can try and make an arch top which is only the hardest guitar to build...

Probably the easiest thing to do is to get two 14x1x20 blanks and hollow out the inards and then glue them together. Then add the neck pocked and electronics and all that.

Or you can get a 1.75x20x14 inch piece dig out a ton of wood then add a cap to it...

tons of different options.

PS when I was a kid in Chicago your avatar happened to the kid next to me...

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You don't need a carver to make the top. Check out the way I carved out the inside of the top with the drill press. If you plan it correctly you can drill out the arch and finish it up with a gouge or chisel and orbital sander.

Some people do their rough carving with an abrasive disc grinder, an electric chainsaw (Tom Ribbecke), or just some coarse grit and a lot of time. It can be done in a number of different ways.

Just go slow and check your arches many time in the process. If you can get some pine to make a test piece it will save you some major headaches.

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well then i would still need to find a body. Anyone know where to get a $100 arch top body to hollow out or hollow already. I would like if someone had like a shell like if they had the bottom done and carved the middle out already, and all you had to do is put the arch top top on the bottom to make the body.

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