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Pink Dean Pimpcaster Update

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Well heres a Progress Update on the Pink dean pimpcaster ...I have no idea what order the pics are in but one of the pics is of where i sanded the neck to fit the neck pocket, the plexiglass PG im making, the starforce neck with star inlays on it etc etc

the pics might look red but this thing is PINK!! Bright Pink






Rich :D

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And if anyone ever makes fun of a pink guitar, you can always do what those Charvel guys do...

"It's not pink, it's Faded Ferrari Red!" :D

But you're making a plexiglass pickguard, correct? Wouldn't that be bad as far as noise? You can't really shield a plexiglass pickguard. And you have Single coils in there too... Whoa! A purple pimpcaster with EMG's! That would be almost as cool as a Daisy Rock guitar with EMG's in it that I want to do sometime! Come on you all know you want to do Slayer covers on your EMG equipped Daisy Rock guitar! B)

I need to build a guitar one of these days....

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nooo lol all the ladies are my own! lol I dont rent them out lol ....

Itsd a combo of things, wes, for 8 easy payments of 19.95 you too can be a pimp like me! B)

To be honest my g/f doesnt realley dig the pink guitar lol she prefers my pointy and cool looking ones lol

"How to be a Pimp in 6 easy steps"-Get your copy now!!!

Rich :D (hoping morbidangel (my g/f) doesnt read this!!! lol )

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