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question about jointers and routers


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i saw a good deal on ebay for a biscuit jointer. i dont know what it is but somebody has said to me that i need one for doing the sides of my neckthru. here is the jointer. do you think this would work for preparing my guitar to be glued? also here is a trim router. would this be suitable for routing out my pickup cavities and binding ledge?

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I think you need a jointer not a biscuit jointer. I don't know about the trim router, but it sounds like it is more for trimming than routing. I would keep looking for a router or plunge router, but wait for more answers. Somone here will know more about the trim router than I.

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A biscuit jointer simply cuts aligned slots in panel edges for biscuits to facilitate glue-up. It won't actually mill the edge of a board straight like a table jointer.

like he said..... although if this is your first time doing a neck thru this can take some of the frusteration out of clamping the wings, if you have access to one give it a try but i wouldn't go out of my way to buy one.

look for a better router

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