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scalloping neck and warped neck question

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a warped neck is either twisted or bent in some manner, and you could scallop your whole fretboard if you would like the disadvantage to this is that you have to have a lighter touch with your strings or your notes will go sharp, but you can do huge bends and awesome vibrato with a scalloped neck!

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I prefer to use a Dremel (and sand paper, obviously) because it's so much faster and cleaner, IMHO. You do need to be careful and stay focused on what you're doing, because otherwise you can sand the fretboard too deep. On the higher frets you'll need to use a round file, or you'll risk sanding the adjacent frets.

There's a great tutorial on the main site that explains scalloping very well.

And yes, it's worth very minute of work you put into it. For me it opened a whole new world of expression, really. The vibrato is so much nicer, legato is a lot more fluid, etc.

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